Anja Beyer-Peters


  • born and raised in Gehren/Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany
  • aged 10 failed to build my own „clean-my-room-up“ robot but suceeded to build a music robot
  • studied information technology
  • information security enthusiast, security manager, holds CISSP, member of ISC2
  • likes to travel a lot
  • member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Germany
  • member of Free Software Foundation Europe
  • sailor, beginners level
  • smiles a lot
  • has a positive thinking towards life
  • things I like: swimming in a lake early in the morning, walk barefoot in the gras, sleep under the stars, kisses, love, embraces, sunshine, summer rain, snow, good talks, listen, lough, the view from a hilltop, feel rhythms, dance, uplifting words, sunset, sunrise #BestThingsInLifeAreForFree

2 thoughts on “About:me

  1. Hi Anja,
    schöne Seite, gut gemacht, interessanter Inhalt und schöne Fotos 😉
    Bin gespannt auf die nächsten Einträge.

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