With my work and life I want to empower businesses and individuals all over the world to boost their potential by supporting their information security and power of motivation.
Short explanation:
  • technology changes society
  • nowadays most valuable currency is information/data
  • there is a high security and privacy risk on this information/data by cyberattacks
  • people are key to success to protect the assets 
  • work places must be designed to motivate people
  • these people are the generation:secure
Long Explanation:
I am fascinated by technology. Why? Simply because technology changes society. In my life I already saw a broad variation about technologies to grow. My childhood was sweetend by TV and radio…my teenager time by the first computer…and as a student i made my first internet connection with a modem…Today we see the toddlers interacting with tablets as if it would be the most natural thing in the world…we save our data to the cloud…we (partly) live our life online in social media an we play games with people at the other side of the earth. More and more our life gets IoT with internet connected tooth brushes and glases. Who wants to tell me that these changes do not influence society?
In this context its important to understand that with this change of technology another important change happend as well. The currency that runs the world has changed. The most valuable currency is information (I see data as a basis for information). This becomes visible by the hugh amount of „Give-us-your-data-we-give-you-a-discount“ services like Payback and others. Another thing that makes the fact visible is that IT-Services (software) for calendaring, collaboration, communication is available for „free“ in the sense of money. We pay with the data we save there. The business models of companies are mostly based on selling your private usage data to advertisers.
As individuals, business and society we depend on the data and information we hold. For individuals its the personal information about our behavior and characteristics. Businesses rely on their knowledge e.g. findings in research or valuable business numbers…
I think I dont need to explain much about the fact that our sensitive information is at risk…we consume news about the latest cyberatacks in the media every day.
Security officers tried a lot to get the assets secure by implementing tech measures like firewalls, IPS, botnet filters, anti malware, cameras, transponders, etc. With all this not becoming absolete I am absolutly convinced that we need to concentrate more on the people. The thing that makes people so valuable is their sense for „something strange is going on“. 
But as a matter of fact we need to educate and empower the people to understand what is going on…because almost too often the risk is invisible.
A new generation of thinkers and players is needed to achieve this…a generation:secure. we want to claim and support work places with big visions where we have fun working together and are encouraged to have an impact in this world.
To achieve this we need to have companies with a flexible, free atmosphere where people are aware of their own value and are sensible with the information they handle.

3 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Hallo Anja,

    da hast Du ja schon viel Arbeit reingesteckt. Ein schönes Design! Was spielte Dein music robot?

    Ich schaue immer mal wieder rein.

    Viele Grüße

    1. Danke Michael, freut mich wenns gefällt. Damals habe ich viel Musik vom Radio auf Kassette aufgenommen und der kleine Musikroboter war mit einem Walkman ausgestattet. Lang lang ists her und heute tragen wir alle unsere kleinen Androiden mit uns rum und haben 30 Mio. Songs im Streaming über Napster oder Spotify…Träume werden also doch wahr! :-)

  2. Hi Anja, wie ich auf dem Foto von der Facebook- Konferenz im Oktober sehe, geht es Dir bestens in Florida ☺. Ich wünsche Dir alles alles Gute und viel Glück dort mit Deinen Vorhaben! Kann man Dich dort per Mail erreichen?

    Herzliche Grüße und alles Gute für 2016

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