ISMS Implementation Masterclass

The 180 day masterclass

for prospective information security officers

for prospective information security officers

You want to...…

Understand your role as an Information Security Officer

Understand your role as an Information Security Officer

Effectively manage IT security in practice

Implement targeted
IT risk management

Gain a holistic view of your organization’s
IT security situation

Protect the organization from cyberattacks with the
right measures

Advise management on information security matters

If this is correct, then we have developed the ISMS Security Masterclass just for you.

ISMS Security Masterclass – The IT Security Training for Aspiring Information Security Officers

ISMS Security Masterclass – The IT Security Training for Aspiring Information Security Officers

Due to the current threat situation, it is crucial for businesses to expand their knowledge of security, be able to identify IT risks, and understand how to close security gaps to protect themselves against external attacks. This knowledge is essential for mid-sized companies to thrive in today’s digital world.

The ISMS Security Masterclass makes a valuable contribution in this regard, providing a unique access point to the required expertise for Information Security Officers. Within the framework of this IT security training, you will acquire the necessary know-how to establish and operate a successful Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The Masterclass is the perfect opportunity for entry-level Information Security Officers to familiarize themselves with ISMS. The IT Security training is also well-suited for Security Professionals or external Security Officers looking to deepen their knowledge in Security Management, providing a solid foundation for a successful career in the IT security industry. Elevate your skills in Security Management and take yourself to the next level.

IT Security Training – Customized to Your Needs

Within the ISMS Security Masterclass, we and experts from our network will accompany you for 6 months through a comprehensive training program to become an Information Security Officer. Together, we will guide you through practical implementation.

The goal? Your thorough education and successful entry as a Security Professional.

It all begins with the goals and core business processes of your organization – from there, we develop your individual #ISMS SCOPE.

  • What strategy?
  • Which locations to include?


At the end of the IT Security training, you will have:

  • Learned how to successfully implement an ISMS in a mid-sized company
  • Developed your personal path for further career planning

Briefly on the current cyber security threat landscape:

Investing in an Information Security Management System (ISMS) has never been more crucial. Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are causing billions of euros in damages to the German mid-sized businesses. Did you know that the average cost of a security incident for German mid-sized companies is €2.5 million?

A cyberattack can have catastrophic consequences for a company – not only can sensitive information be exposed and fall into the hands of cybercriminals, but stolen data can also be used to extort the company. Such an incident places an enormous burden on your business and often leads to a loss of trust among customers. If the data breach results from non-compliance with data protection regulations, there may also be legal consequences.

By providing IT Security training for your Information Security Officer and establishing an Information Security Management System, you can mitigate the often catastrophic impacts on your business.

With the IT security training in 180 days, become an ISMS professional

The ISMS Security Masterclass is a comprehensive training program.

The IT Security training will inspire you, motivate you, and provide you with all the technical knowledge that is essential for a successful start as an Information Security Officer.

All the expertise on ISMS development

Step-by-step Guidance

Guidance from an experienced mentor

Understanding your role as an Information Security Officer

Know the current threat situation

Risk management

Awareness training

Security Incidents and Emergency Handbook

A solid foundation for a successful career in the IT security industry

IT Security Training - Overview of the Process and Your Benefits

Video Course

During the IT Security training, we educate you through a video course, allowing you to benefit from 20 years of concentrated expertise and experience in the field of IT security.

Over the 6 months that we accompany you during the IT Security training, we meet every 14 days to address questions and reflect on the insights you’ve gained.

Video Course in ISMS Implementation Masterclass

Webinars with Q&A

Throughout the IT Security training, you participate in a Q&A webinar every two weeks, where you can ask your questions.

Q&A Course in ISMS Implementation Masterclass

Individual Coaching

As part of the IT Security training, you receive individual (1:1) phone or video coaching – on specific topics of your choice.


Each week, you work together with like-minded individuals on assigned tasks within the IT Security training. You support each other’s progress towards a successful ISMS implementation. Along the way, our team actively guides you.


Within the IT Security training, you can utilize all templates, receive documents and checklists that we use in practice, specifically adapted to your company.

Templates and receive documents in ISMS Implementation Masterclass


You get to know other Information Security Officers who share the same goal. You surround yourself with people who take security seriously and truly implement it. You make connections and build deep relationships.

In 180 days, you will:

You know how to successfully implement and maintain an ISMS in your company.

You have built a personal network of experienced Information Security Officers.

You have developed a personal strategy and master plan to advance the topic of information security within your organization. This includes establishing an ISMS, raising awareness of your role as an ISB, and conducting regular meetings with the management to secure support for your work and to ensure that you stay informed and achieve your goals.

You are prepared, and your company is equipped to face the challenges of the digital world.

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